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How to Use Free Conference Calling to Keep and Grow Your User Base

Utilize free conference calling to expand membership—and donorship—for your nonprofit organization.

Regardless of their size or mission, nonprofit organizations depend on being able to communicate and collaborate with their members, volunteers, and donors easily and at little cost. One of the many such ways non-profits do so is by taking advantage of free conference calls in order to allow people from anywhere in the country (or the world) to connect together in real time. In this blog, we’ll be going over a few simple ways that nonprofit organizations can use free conferencing services such as ours to hold virtual meetings.

Have a dedicated conference line at your fingertips 24/7

By creating an account at, you will be provided with a dedicated dial-in number on your account along with a set of permanent dial-in numbers and a unique access code that can be used to hold a phone conference at any time— no prior scheduling required! Simply have everyone call into the dial-in number at the time of your conference and enter the conference access code to connect to your call. Account holders are also provided with a separate moderator PIN that can be entered instead of the participant access code to gain access to moderator controls during the conference.

Set up conference calls with up to 100 callers or more!

All FreeConference accounts offer a standard capacity of up to 100 telephone participants in a single call. Planning on having more than 1,000 callers? Not a problem! Just contact us to arrange for any large calls you may be planning.

Use free conference calling for all types of meetings

Conference calling can be utilized by nonprofit organizations for a variety of purposes. From small team pow wows to large fundraising calls, conference calling provides a free and convenient alternative to in-person gatherings. Here are a few types of meetings that free conference calling can be used for:

  • Staff meetings
  • Calls with donors
  • Fundraising conferences
  • Board meetings has dial in numbers around the world

Expand your reach with local, international, and toll-free call-in numbers

Whether they’re within the United States or abroad, provide your callers with the convenience of accessing your conference line by calling into a local, national, or toll-free number. FreeConference provides a host of free international dial-in numbers as well as premium international and toll-free numbers available with a subscription to any of our paid plans.

Free dial-in numbers are provided for:

The United States


The United Kingdom



And more!

Phone and Web Conference Calling


Call by Phone or Call by Web with Web Conferencing

In addition to dial-in teleconferencing, FreeConference allows users the option to join meetings online. Web-based audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and document sharing are among the tools available to online meeting participants at no cost!  

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