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How Travellers Can Use Free Video Calling

There comes a time in people’s lives where wanderlust—that unshakeable urge to travel and see the world—takes hold. Travelling the world offers people new perspectives, unforgettable experiences, and spiritual fulfilment.

Connect with your friends and family with free video calling

The world has never been more interconnected—take advantage of this and become more connected with the world on your travels.

However, with transportation, food, and lodging all considered, it can be an expensive endeavour to travel. Currencies are always changing, too, so your money’s worth is always subject to change. If you factor in an international cell phone plan with data, this can make an adventure even more costly.

Luckily, can be used on any device with access to a browser and Internet. This is perfect for travellers, who can simply bring a device and use wireless hotspots to communicate with friends, family, and fellow travellers with free video calling. Cut down on wireless costs and unreliable service with!

Use Wi-Fi networks anywhere

In major European and Asian cities, especially, there are many centres with public Wi-Fi access that is quick and reliable. Whether it is at a café or in a public park, connecting your device in major cities is getting easier day-by-day. With many cities introducing new Internet services like Google Fiber, free video calling is a traveller’s best friend.

To help make sure you have access to Wi-Fi at the right time, features a call scheduler that links to your email to remind you of video calls. Simply enter the date and time you plan on making a call, and send a reminder to everyone involved. Whether you are planning your next stop, catching up with friends and family back home, or planning your trip back, it helps to stay organized and prepared—especially if wireless Internet is scarce where you are.

Plan your trip via free web calling to keep yourself organized

The world is a big place—don’t get caught without a travel plan!

Plan your next trip

Organizing your trip—or planning another leg of it—has never been easier than with In addition to its crystal-clear free video calling services, the website also boasts a useful screen sharing feature. With all parties in a call able to view each other’s screens, you can easily share maps, photos, schedules, and much more, all without having to send or download any files. With data in particular so expensive in international wireless plans (and potentially unreliable depending on where you are), this can appeal to travellers of all stripes.

Travelling light is important for backpacking travellers in particular, so you may not always have access to a particularly powerful device, or one with lots of storage capacity. With this useful screen sharing feature, you simply need Internet access to quickly glimpse at all kinds of files. This service, mixed with a tablet, is brilliantly simple—with no storage space necessary, your light and portable tablet has the power to view all kinds of important documents.

No matter if you are planning your second leg, catching up with family back home, or meeting a friend for a night on the town, free video calling can enrich your travelling experience in so many ways. Travelling is a life-changing time in someone’s life, and is happy to back you on your trip. Au revoir/sayonara/auf wiedersehen!

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