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Our Top 4 Conference Call Promises to Keep in 2018

Renewing our commitment to keep FreeConference the premier free conference call service in 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, you might be starting to put together a list of personal new year resolutions in order to achieve greater health, happiness, or prosperity during the upcoming year. Whatever your new new year resolutions may be, we at FreeConference wish you success in your commitment to personal or professional growth. As a company that constantly strives to better ourselves and the service we provide our many customers around the world, we think that we ought to make a few of our own goals for the new year.

Here are our top four conference call commitments to our customers to keep in 2018.

1. Providing Prompt E-Mail, Web Chat, and Phone Support

One of the reasons why FreeConference has been a favorite among users of free conference calling services is our customer support. From simply service inquiries to billing and troubleshooting matters, we are renewing our commitment to provide timely customer support by responding to all emails sent during live support hours in under one hour. Our regular support hours are from 5am-10pm EST M-Th and 5am-8pm EST Friday. Emails sent during weekends will be also be responded to periodically.

2. Maintaining High Quality Online Conferencing

Did you know that FreeConference also offers audio and video web conferencing? With download-free, browser-based online conferencing as well as free downloadable apps, the FreeConference online meeting room feature makes it easy for users around the world to join a meeting over the internet. The FreeConference online meeting room platform includes tools such as screen sharing in addition to audio and video conferencing. Our tech team is constantly working to maintain a high quality online experience for our users while introducing new features such as video conference recording (coming soon!).

Web conferencing using the online meeting room feature

3. Providing Free and Affordable Conferencing Solutions

As the pioneers of the free teleconference call industry, FreeConference is committed to providing its users with the ability to hold free conference calls as well as the option of upgrading for premium features. All of our subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis, giving users the flexibility to purchase or cancel premium services as needed.

4. Listening to Feedback From Users Like You!

A big part of our commitment to staying on top of the virtual conferencing industry is keeping our eyes and ears open to what our customers are saying! As such, we have a dedicated team (of real people) responding to feedback from our users, answering questions, and offering tips on how to use our service most effectively.

How Are We Doing?

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Use Free Conference Calling to Make 2018 a Success!

Whether you run a business, lead a prayer group, or are just looking for an easy and affordable way to connect with friends and family, FreeConference can help. Explore our features and get started with free conferencing today!

On behalf of the entire team at FreeConference, we'd like to wish you a very happy holiday season and an even better new year!

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