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Start the Year Off Right with a Conference Call System That Keeps Your Workers Connected

It’s the New Year, and among all the cliché resolutions that I’ve heard so far, “having less meetings or conference calls” is often heard. However, meetings during your work life is unavoidable, a necessary evil for businesses to exchange ideas and strategize. In modern times, businesses become more globalized and studies have shown positive trends and effectiveness of working remotely. The current condition makes conference calling a necessity for many businesses. is one of the best conference call systems that fits your needs. In this post we will explore how this platform can keep you and your team connected.

Conference call systems keeping your team connected

Fast and Simple

Initiating on this conference call systems is as easy as Number + Access code. There is no scheduling or other arrangements that need to take place. Of course, you can schedule a call to get everyone on the same page, but it is not mandatory. You do not even need to log in to your account.

International Range

It can be hard to keep your workers connected if they work from home, imagine how hard it is to communicate when they are overseas. offers free international calling, where you can provide your callers with dial in numbers from international areas so they would have to worry about long distance rates. For more information, visit:

Flexible Features

Conference calls can take many forms, and our features can accommodate almost all of them. Turn on your webcam if video calling is necessary. If it’s a presentation, use document presenting for your callers to follow along. If it’s a demo or troubleshooting session, you can use the Screen Sharing in your online meeting room. You can even use call recording to save important information or request transcriptions of a recording for official business.

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