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How SMS Reminders Saved My Meeting and Helped Me Make a Sale

well-lit bungalow house with no car in driveway

John pulls into his driveway on Friday night, “Wow, what a day, what a week rather, thank goodness it’s the weekend.” The sun was almost fully set and the windows in the house are completely dark, it seems that his roommates aren’t home yet. John locks the car door behind him and gets into the mood to unwind and rest after a tiring week.


John gasps in horror, but quickly turned all smiles as it turns out his roommates and friends held a surprise party in his honor. The party moves on as groups form, talking about their weeks, John of course, was in the biggest group.

“So what, big meeting, knocked it out of the park, and then they promote you right after that?”
Pretty much, but I was the last to get the promotion among my peers.
“Wow, talk about a make or break meeting, that was the only reason you go the promotion?”
Yeah, well there was one more instance after that:

We had a client that we’ve been focusing on for weeks, and after many push-and-pull emails we were finally able to get a meeting with their decision maker. My co-workers and I have been working on this case all month and we definitely needed the case to be perfect. On the day of the call everything was prepared, the presentations, projections, alternate plans, there was nothing that was going to go wrong.

The only thing we couldn’t control was the other party, who came on to the meeting early because they suddenly had an engagement after our pitch. We didn’t know that, how could we know? What we do know is we couldn’t let a month’s worth of hard work dissolve because of something as trivial as an early arrival.

dark image of person using iOS iphone smartphone

Luckily, the conference call service that I was using has an SMS reminders feature that notifies me whenever a caller has called into my party too early. As soon I got the notification, I hopped on the call to start our conference early. Long story short, we closed the sale.

“Well aren’t you lucky, I always have my phone on silent so I would’ve never heard the text”
I actually think that closing the case had more to do with my promotion than-
“TO JOHN! Congratulations on the promotion! And also to his handy SMS reminder that got him promoted!”

John smiles, looks like the long week is about to be longer… Meeting Checklist Banner

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