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Saving Cash and Boosting Profit with Conference Calls



Conference calls have two big advantages over face to face meetings. You probably know one, but the other might be news to you. Big news.

And by the way, is a free conference call really free?

Absolutely. When using, there are no hard costs at all. Even your staff time to set up the meeting is minimal since our service is so easy to use. However, you might not have realized just how much of a solid investment a free conference call is when seeking a healthier bottom line. A conference call is actually a money maker.

Here are two reasons why:

Immediate Cost Savings

I'm sure you can imagine the first reason, which is simply this: you can arrange three conference calls for less than half the cost of one face to face meeting. Whether driving across town and absorbing the cost of lunch, or flying across the continent, conference calls are cash that stays in your pocket.

But that just a start. The annual profit you can generate using conference calling can dwarf the immediate cash savings.

Here's how.

Keep those Connections Warm

We all know the value of a good first impression, and how effective a personal meeting establishes a great connection between colleagues or customers. Many people are aware that teleconferencing is a highly effective, inexpensive way to maintain those connections. What is often forgotten, is the effect our highly competitive, cost- conscious business environment has on making and keeping those connections.

Corporate travel budgets are targets of cost cutting measures; sales budgets are always limited.


Far too many important meetings simply don't happen, because of budget constraints.

You know you need the meeting, but you put off setting it up because you know you'll have trouble getting approval for the trip, or your annual budget is nearly depleted. "I'll find a way to set it up next week" you say, because you know the team needs to meet.

But they don't.

More likely than, the situation will rise up and bite you later and end up costing more money to fix than the original meeting would have cost. Or maybe it's just a lost opportunity to expand a market, keep a customer, or get a significant increase in sales.

Teleconferencing to the Rescue

Using is how you transform a travel budget problem into a colleague and customer connection solution. You save time setting up the meeting, you keep your conference money in your pocket, and best of all, you rescue those "lost opportunities" and turn them into a better bottom line.

Sure, you'd rather fly out and have a face to face, but which is better, not having the meeting at all because you can't find the budget, or taking a few moments to set up a free conference call?

Bottom Line

Save time and money and build your bottom line, by keeping your business connections warm with


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