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Princess Margaret FundraiserThis isn’t like the house parties that you may have attended in your wilder years. This October 5th, 2016, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation will be throwing a house party at the Addison’s Residence in downtown Toronto, helping to raise funds for a sophisticated robot that will be essential in complicated surgical procedures at the hospital. Instead of keggers and beer hats, guests will be treated to an evening of casual fine dining and an exciting auction. is proud to be a sponsor for this event, and Puffin just can’t wait until Wednesday! After all, how often do you get to attend a great party full of interesting people and help to build a robot that will make cancer treatment more effective? Who knows, but maybe every day is exciting when you are committed to the simple, yet visionary goal of ending cancer in our lifetime. loves to see people helping other people. In the words of Jason Martin, CEO, “The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is a great organization. There are people here whose lives have been impacted by cancer, and it is important to spread awareness about the Foundation and what it is doing. “


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