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3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Hold More Video Conferences

“We Really Need to Cut Back On Our Free Video Conferencing”
- No one, ever.

Despite video conferencing technology being a relatively recent development, it has had a profound impact on the way people around the world communicate with one another. Thanks to the many web-based video conferencing platforms that are now available, face-to-face communication no longer has to happen face to face. For organizations such as nonprofits, free video conferencing helps keep operating costs to a minimum by facilitating communication and reducing travel expenses. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over 3 of the main reasons why nonprofit organizations should use video conferencing to their full advantage.

freeconference free online meeting room for nonprofit

1. Can Be Done From Anywhere (With an Internet Connection)

For nonprofits that operate across state lines and international boundaries, video conferencing platforms provide an affordable means of live communication between people anywhere in the world. Gone are days when long-distance communication meant international calling plans and hefty phone bills— thanks to web-based video conferencing, people can communicate face-to-face in real time from any place with an internet connection.

2. Video Conferencing Facilitates Face-to-Face Interaction

Web Cam

Face-to-face interaction is important for building rapport between team members in different locations, however, it isn’t always feasible for people to get together to meet. Luckily, there’s video conferencing. Until we can figure out a way to teleport, video conferencing will probably continue to be the next best option for face-to-face conversations between people in different places.

3. It’s (You Guessed It) Free!

Last, but most certainly, not least, video conferencing can be done at absolutely no cost to you and your nonprofit organization. Whether you want to conference with colleagues in another city or interview job candidates over the internet, free video conferencing is easy to use and offers an extremely convenient, cost-effective way for people anywhere in the world to connect.

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