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Why Your Non Profit Financial Plan Needs Free Conference Calls

People that run their non profits would tell you, the economy does not reward good intentions. From hiring the right staff, finding executives that have similar long term goals, and constant money troubles would remind them, running a non profit is not easy. Conference calling is a staple of modern business practices and can be a versatile tool and a huge boost for Non Profits, and best of all, some of them are free. Here is why your non profit financial plan needs free conference calls. 

The Free-ness

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Funding and money issues top the chart of non profit financial plan concerns, budgeting becomes important for spending plans, keeping track of priorities and avoiding debt. The main benefit of free conference calling is the time and money saved to exchange thoughts, employees who are remote geographically save travel expenses and time for conference calls, even people within the same square mile can benefit from a free conference calling system.

The Utility

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While meetings are a big part of running a non profit, the value of conference calls themselves can be more than just that. A good example is emergency decisions, if a sponsorship or partnership opportunity abruptly arises, conference calls can help board members exchange ideas and make quick decisions. Successful non profits looking to expand can also use conference calls to broaden their communications scale while reducing overall operation costs.


apple iOS iphone, laptop, macbook, and tablet laid out on a tableSimilar to utility, a non profit financial plan can use conference calls for much more than meetings. Sales sessions with clients and managers, project updates, fixing issues, and training new volunteers can all be done with your free conference calling solutions. You can even use your conference call service as a tour guide tool or a prayer line. Some conference call services include video conferencing and screen-sharing, opening up the service to video demos, software demos, webinars, and other forms of presentations.

It Just Fits

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A free conference calling system supports the foundation of how a non profit is run. Every non profit needs a strategic plan, which is harder to measure than business since the bottom line isn’t based on money, a conference call can pull all of the board members together from around the world to create and update your strategic plan at any time.

Every non profit needs a financial plan, since they have to finance their goals at a tighter budget, a free conferencing system can save them those resources while still enhancing their day-to-day operations is important. Every non profit needs a sales pitch, since capital is almost always required to reach a strategic goal or keep the organization running, a conference call system can allow the non profit personnel to remotely connect to their potential sponsors, broadening their reach and possibly increasing their revenue stream. You should always get the loan bad credit no guarantor. Meeting Checklist Banner

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