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Muting: The Underrated King of Conference Calling

Puffin on the go


Life travels at break-neck speed. The world may be flooded with labor and timesaving technology, but paradoxically, life has never been so busy. This is an era where multi-tasking is not just a useful skill, it is a necessity. Technology allows remote teams to be in constant contact, and when branches of your company are operating in opposite time zones, you may find yourself hosting conference calls at strange times. You may be bartering with investors in Hong Kong while folding socks before bed, or keeping an eye on a pot of bubbling marinara while checking in with your creative team in Australia. Multitasking is essential to modern life, but it can also be disruptive.

How many times have you found yourself on a call with someone intent on gnawing their way through a sandwich? Or listened to a coworker reorganize a filing cabinet in a flurry of flapping papers? Multitasking may be a necessary evil, but everyone on the call doesn’t need to hear it. FreeConference has found a way to allow you and your team to multitask without disrupting the flow of call. With FreeConference’s innovative mute feature, you and your team have the ability to mute and unmute yourselves whenever necessary. So, if this is your last chance to dip into that lo mien before a slew of meetings, you can chew without your team listening in.

The FreeConference mute feature is easy to use. If you are conducting a call via FreeConference Web and Video Services, simply turn your mic on or off by hitting the top bar of the call window. If you’re joining via a FreeConference telephone line, you can mute and unmute yourself by pressing *6 on your phone. So, go forth and divide your attention, with FreeConference’s mute feature no one will be the wiser.

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