Meeting minutes are like dishes in your kitchen. If you don’t clean one dish as you use it, the world doesn’t fall in, but never doing the dishes will grind your kitchen to a halt.

You can get away with ignoring taking meeting minutes sometimes, but the best solution for organizations is to find an easy way to take meeting minutes.

Any volunteers? No?

Luckily, just as automatic dishwashers have made clean kitchens more common, Free Web Conferencing (Conference Calls) over the Cloud has streamlined minute taking to a few mouse clicks.

The secret is to use Call Recording, a little known feature of conference call technology, which is growing in popularity as web conferencing gradually takes over from sit-down meetings.

First, use call recording to take audio meeting minutes in MP3

Saving staff time and travel expenses are the reasons most people think of when deciding to upgrade from the inefficiency of sit-down meetings to the convenience of Free Web Meetings (Conference Calls), but another big advantage of web conferencing is the way meeting minutes can be generated automatically, without anyone having to take their concentration away from sharing information or making decisions.

The way this is done is by using several simple conference call Features. After all, to paraphrase Buzz Lightyear, web meetings are just “Conference Calls with Style.”

First up is a feature called Conference Call Recording. With one click of a mouse, you can have the audio and shared desktop portions of your web meeting preserved into an MP3 file, which is automatically emailed to you within two hours.

The MP3 file can then be:

  • sent out attached to a short meeting summary of decisions or action items
  • posted on a website for those who couldn’t attend
  • saved for reference

Meeting Recording can be particularly handy when you are Video Conferencing, especially if there is a “presentation” element, because conference call recording can be used to generate an automatic video or podcast, so you can get double duty out of the meeting, and the work that went into preparing the presentation.

A “live audience” gives any presentation more impact.

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Next, transcribe your call recordings!

Video, audio and Free Screen Sharing data all make great Meeting Notes using Call Record, but there are times when a written transcription in a Word document is what you really need. Conference call Transcription is where your MP3 file is automatically sent to a typing service that will convert it into a Word document.

This format of meeting minutes is very handy as a legal record for associations, workers compensation lawyers, or any organization. The feature is even used by writers, too, either in story conferences, or for speech writers like spiritual leaders, who record their sermons as delivered, and then use the notes to improve their style.

Gone are the days when meetings had to include a stenographer to take down every word.

Automatically record your meeting minutes

Eliminating the role of “minute taker” is a big cost saving, but all too often in modern meetings the role of secretary gets dumped on the plate of the chair or another participant. The best benefit of conference call recording to an organization is that taking meeting notes need distract nobody at the meeting.

You can even adapt the technology for sit-down meetings. Just turn on a phone, and hit call record. You can do this anywhere in the world with a Mobile Conference Call App.

Brains are expensive. Good brains are even more expensive.

The most productive and efficient way to use brains in an organization is to free them up from drudgery so they can share information better and build better decisions. Recording Conference calls and transcription are the easy and efficient way to generate meeting minutes.