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Introducing: FreeConference's add caller feature

Puffin-surprisedWith so many tasks to juggle, a few things are bound to slip your mind. Forgot to pick up toothpaste? No problem! You can coax that last little bit out of the tube. Meant to empty the dishwasher before work? No worries! Those dishes will be waiting for you when you get home tonight. Forgetting a few things on your “To Do list” may not be the end of the world, but forgetting to let someone important in on your FreeConference call can feel a lot like it.

Luckily, FreeConference has made it easy to add a forgotten caller to your call in mere moments. Thanks to the Add Callers feature you can instantly loop another participant into the call the moment they pop into your head. Using the FreeConference Web and Video Calling interface, the host of the call has the option to “add participant” by clicking the button at the top of the call window. FreeConference automatically sends an invite to your chosen contact lickety-split, so they can hop on the call the moment they’re needed.

Whether your call stumbles into territory where a particularly expert is needed, or you simply forgot to invite a colleague to the call, FreeConference is there to help you out. Try adding a participant mid-call today, and you’ll see just how easy it is.

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