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How To Customize Your Settings

How To Customize Your Settings


Completely customize your conference calling experience! You can change your name and picture, and much more!

The settings page allows you to have a completely customizable conference calling experience:

Phone Number: Entering your phone number gives you pin-less access as moderator, and unlocks SMS reminders about upcoming meetings.
Password: You can change your login password.
Timezone: You can view your timezone, which is based on the time displayed on your phone or computer.
Access Code: You can find or change or unique access code for your participants when joining a call.
Invitations: Take the hassle out of booking and automate your invitations beforehand
Moderator Pin: Here you can access or change your unique moderator pin.
Chimes/Name Announce: Toggle entry/exit chimes, and name-announce audio.
Primary Dial-In Numbers: Choose what primary dial-in number shows up on your invitations.
Credit Card: your credit card details are here.
Waiting Room: Toggle waiting room music on and off.

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