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How Freelance Writers Cut Costs with Free Online Meetings

The Internet has completely changed the landscape for freelance writers, opening up new markets, and allowing us to live where we want, but still find the right employers, wherever they might be.

The Cloud has changed the economics of writing, too.

Freelance writers use free online meetings to cut overhead costs, so we can charge more for our writing time.

Low overhead wins

For self-employed writers, the Cloud-based free conference call technology, we set up our online meetings with is perfect because it literally carries no overhead.

There is no software to purchase. No monthly fees or charges, for an incredible array of services. No ads wasting our time. Signing up takes just a few minutes, and it syncs automatically with Google Calendar.

All that communication power just sits in the Cloud—and we can use it for free.

There are no apps required, although we can use the free Mobile Conference Call App to set up and make free group video calls on our cell phones from anywhere in the world. It seems like free web meetings were created for just for freelancers, but companies like them too.

They win two ways; both by saving money on regular staff by using freelance writers, and by keeping their corporate communication overhead to a minimum. For example, instead of paying for employees’ phone plans, they can offer far-flung freelancers an inexpensive Toll Free Number and keep their costs "pay as you go."

Efficient communication is better

Free Online Meetings help freelance writers cut costs by giving us the freedom to live in low-cost areas, skip the commute, and still work for employers anywhere. They also eliminate wasted travel time to and from meetings. What people don't realize is that the quality of web meetings can actually be better than the traditional sit-down kind.

Remember showing up at a meeting, and the presenter's laptop won't even sync with the screen? "Sorry gang, I'll call the IT person." And could we add anything to that screen ourselves even when it's working? No.

Modern Web Conferencing uses a Shared Desktop under everybody's control, so communication is a two-way street. No more fiddling around trying to share information from multiple sources. Free Screen Sharing allows everyone at the meeting to edit documents together, and attach videos or PDF files during the meeting.

And all of this is still "face to face." Free Group Video Calling allows everyone to see each other, and pick up on those crucial, subtle communication cues, while the high audio quality of phone-based conference call technology eliminates the robotic voices of Skype calls.

Online meetings cut costs

Freelance writers cut costs with Free Online Meetings to survive in a competitive world. Companies use web meetings to improve profits.

Whatever their motivation, people benefit from web meetings by gaining the freedom to spend less time traipsing around to meetings they can't even fully participate in, and more time on the important things like cooking up good stories, and actually writing and editing them.

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