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How Conference Calls Help with Time Management

Time. There’s never enough, is there? We all start out with a finite amount of time on the planet; it’s up to us to make the best of it. But how?

Conference calls are a fantastic way to be more productive with your time: How many hours have been wasted trying to get everyone together in one room on the same day? One person is traveling, another works remotely, and the boss just happens to be in a field office at the moment. Conference calls bring everyone together at the right time, all in the same virtual meeting room. No more trying to match up competing schedules — with conference calls, participants can dial in from literally any phone in the world.

At, we’ve simplified conference calling to the point where it’s not only a cost effective way to bring your team together, it’s also time effective. After all, what’s the point of using a conferencing service if the hassle of setting everything up is more time consuming than the call itself? It takes seconds to open an account at, and you’re immediately issued a dedicated dial-in number and access code you and your callers can start using right aw
ay. You’ll also get a personal URL for your
online meeting room, giving invitees the option of joining the session by phone or web. All this for free! Host up to 200 conference participants, any of whom can dial into your session by phone, or click on your pre-assigned link to join online.

Sign up for an account at today, and see how we make time management easier than ever. We could all use a little more time in our lives, couldn’t we?



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