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Happy Thanksgiving from

happy thanksgiving banner with pumpkin plate and text "give thanks"Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve always felt lucky that we get 3 months in a row with a major holiday in each month, and Thanksgiving seems like the most straightforward holiday. Mix turkey, squash, mashed potatoes with gravy, and of course, a day off, will get you the perfect Thanksgiving recipe. Since we don’t have a day off on Thanksgiving because a free conference call service never takes a day off, we decided to… pumpkin spice up the office this year… I’ll come up with a better one.

So once again, we have a couple of Thanksgiving office scenarios and would like our esteemed panel of judges to decide which traditions are worth keeping.

Tradition 1: A Thank-You Wall

Cliché yet fitting in Thanksgiving spirit, people can write notes about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving, bosses can show their appreciation for their employees and vice versa. I wonder what my judges are thankful for?
Judge Daisy: 8, I think this is a great way to spread holiday cheer and tell everyone what you’re thankful for.
Judge Tom Turkey: 5, maybe 7, not sure if I’d write on the wall.
Judge Nikki Garcia: 8, didn’t know this was a tradition, I’d just write what I’m thankful for, friends, family, salary.

Tradition 2: A Thanksgiving potluck

Sharing recipes, pie eating contests, bringing leftovers, these fun Thanksgiving activities could all be featured at a Happy Thanksgiving potluck. Just don’t be that person that brings nothing but takes everything, we are not thankful for those people.
Judge Daisy: 10, I
Judge Tom Turkey: 10, Love
Judge Nikki Garcia: 10, Food

Tradition 3: Group Donation

It can’t be Thanksgiving without giving. Let’s help others and give back to the community, it’s more fun if we do it in a group. If you’re competitive like we are, we can even hold departmental competitions.
Judge Daisy: 9, Just a nice thing to do, people can also choose to bring something or not.
Judge Tom Turkey: 9.5, giving is good, I also like the idea of group volunteering.
Judge Nikki Garcia: 10, wouldn’t be on board if it was money, but items and food would be nice.

Tradition 4: Office Decorations

Humans are visual creatures, well at least I am, we can’t be the part if we can’t look the part. While this does take time and effort, Office decoration can raise morale and really tap into our Thanksgiving spirit (is that a thing?) and even enhance all of our other traditions.
Judge Daisy: 2 - For Thanksgiving? This ain’t Christmas.
Judge Tom Turkey: 5, What are Thanksgiving decorations? Meh.
Judge 3: 5, I’m neutral, I feel like group volunteering raises morale more than decorations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving day slice of pie on a plate with pinecones

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