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Get More From Your Meetings - With Smart Search

Using FreeConference software means that you’ve chosen to take full advantage of some of the world’s leading virtual conference technology, and that you’ve done so at no additional business costs. However, in choosing a Freemium service, you also know that some companies leave much to be desired.

Luckily for you, the affordable nature of FreeConference software upgrades means you don’t have to sacrifice your life’s savings to access quality, premium features, or useful upgrades.

We’ve recently rolled out some exciting upgrades to our FreeConference plan. You can access this feature for only 9.99 a month. It’s called SmartSearch.

Smart Search

Smart Search allows you to search your meeting archives. The feature displays meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more.

Stop Looking, Start Finding

SmartSearch allows you to search your meeting archives, the very same way you could in your email browser. However, it picks up on a lot more than your emails.

The feature displays meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more. It’s almost like an active index, or search bar, inside your notes.

Use it, Don’t Lose It

FreeConference uses Cloud Storage to keep all of your shared files, drives, conversations and call history in one place, so that your meeting minutes can be spent discussing material, rather than tracking it down.

To get you out of flitting back and forth between Word documents, pdfs and chat boxes, we’ve developed the technology to amalgamate all your shared data on your account, so that you can spend more time utilizing it.

Filters and Files

Our technology uses algorithms to automatically filter your search results. It will also generate associated topics that relate to your original search.

You can further narrow your search by applying automatically generated tags for frequently addressed topics within the discussion. You can apply these tags to filter your search within the search function itself.

SmartSearch also mentions the most commonly used words for each search result in the engine, to give you a more complete overview of what you might be looking for.

It is also comprised of a sorting system, that organizes your search results via category. It sorts the data by identifying source of origin, i.e., chat boxes, audio footage, or documents shared.

From these various categories you can pinpoint the exact source of the data. This can be done in chat boxes or documents. In the cases of audio clips, which makes searching difficult, the search function can find the precise moment in the conversation that mentions what you’ve been searching for.

SmartSearch is a personalized search engine; one made by people who care about what you’re looking for.

Upgrade today and find out how it can change your experience online. the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

Create a free account today and experience free teleconferencing, download-free video, screen sharing, web conferencing and more.

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