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FreeConference Behind the Scenes with the Obama Campaign

LOS ANGELES--December 9, 2009—, the originators of free audio conferencing was quietly featured in the recently released HBO documentary “By the People, the Election of Barack Obama”.  As one of the important communications tools used by the Obama campaign, FreeConference helped organize the groundswell efforts while keeping costs in check for a fledgling campaign. The documentary chronicles the efforts of the Obama campaign, starting almost a year before he announced his candidacy for President.

"Freeconference is used by many non-profit and political organizations that depend on our service to further their cause in the most economical way possible,” commented Ken Ford, CEO of Global Conference Partners, parent company of FreeConference.  "We’ve logged millions of minutes on behalf of worthy causes, in addition to serving both small businesses and large enterprises alike.”

Some of the public institutions and non-profits that regularly rely on FreeConference services include members of both houses of the U.S. Congress, the Federal Aviation Administration, US State Department, US Dept. of Justice, US Dept. of Homeland Security, US Treasury, NASA, US Dept. of Agriculture, US Environmental Protection Agency, United States Postal Service, the American Red Cross, PBS, Make-a-Wish Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Teach for America, and many others.

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About FreeConference®

FreeConference originated the free teleconferencing concept with highly automated, enterprise quality conferencing services for businesses, organizations and individuals requiring top-tier performance at little or no cost. Today, FreeConference is serving well over a billion minutes a year of all-digital conference calls. FreeConference continues to lead the industry with innovative value-added audio and web conferencing options that let users customize the conferencing features they need, just when they need them. FreeConference is a service of Global Conference Partners™. For more information, visit 


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