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Free ScreenSharing leads to Successful Collaboration for Non-profits

black and white picture of non profit owner janet in wool cap and scarfJanet is the executive director of a non-profit calledHats4Homes

Hats4Homes is a non-profit that provides shelter and subsidized housing for at-risk youths in her area by leveraging the sale of ethically sourced wool caps and scarves. Janet is proud to say that her enterprise has helped a lot of people in her community, and has grown stronger as a result, but Janet is constantly running from one appointment to another because of the nature of her work.

When you’re the executive director of your own non-profit, you’re always on the go.

Earlier this morning, Janet just received permission to put up a sidewalk booth during an upcoming street festival that could bring a lot of attention to her cause. She has waited a long time to get the city’s approval, and now she has to act fast in order to get her team coordinated and ready for the event.

There is only one problem… time. web and phone conferencing application using free screen sharing How Free ScreenSharing saved the Day

Janet usually meets with her volunteers in-person to whiteboard ideas and plan marketing campaigns, but they are too far away to hold a meeting on short notice. She considers holding a meeting with the few people that can attend, but she needs all hands on deck for the upcoming festival, and any miscommunication in planning might cost her the entire event.

Janet has tried to use technology to bring people together in the past, and it has never worked. She can’t afford to make any mistakes right now.

There is just no way for Janet’s team to meet -- but time is running out, and she needs a solution.

Thomas is taking his kids to Hockey practice, Annette is out shopping for her dog, and Jerome is waiting in line at the dentist’s office. So what’s an executive director to do -- just wave her magic meeting wand and get everyone together despite the distance?

Erika, the new girl, suggests exactly that. She says that can help Janet’s team connect remotely, and she also swears that it will be so easy that anyone can do it.

24/7, On-demand Free ScreenSharing for Phone and Web to the Rescue!

man calling into to view free screensharing from tabletJanet is skeptical at first, but even she has to admit that creating an account is easy; she only needs her name and email address. Not long after, Janet is scheduling her meeting time and sending out automated invites like a pro thanks to the easy-to-use meeting scheduler.

In less than an hour, almost all of Janet’s team members have all joined her call. Most volunteers have joined via their computers using Janet’s unique access code, and a few others are connected through the free mobile app. Thomas has even called in from his kids’ hockey game using the dial-in number provided in the invitation!

Screen sharing is so easy that anyone can do it

Everyone is here, but how is Janet supposed to plan anything without a whiteboard? Luckily, free screensharing comes standard on all accounts.

All Janet has to do is click on Share > Share Screen during her conference, and all of her participants can see exactly what is on her screen. It’s the whiteboard of the future! Suddenly, Janet is able to collaborate fully, and soon she has a working plan for the street festival! Hooray!

Janet’s sidewalk booth is the standout hit of the street festival, and Hats4Homes even gets some local media attention

Janet now has the freedom to connect anywhere! She uses for all of her weekly meetings, and just about anything else that requires long distance communication. She highly recommends free screensharing to her friends who also run non-profits, and can’t imagine how she ever lived without it. Meeting Checklist Banner

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