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How using a Free Call-in Number Grew Alicia's Business in 1 Week

boy riding on a bicycle in the street There’s nothing quite like biking, the rush, the focus, the wind against your skin, I don’t think anything else gets me up in the morning like having to bike to work. Not to mention the health and environmental benefits we get, low-impact, stamina, time efficiency, no exhaust produced, I can talk about biking for hours. Conversely, not crazy about my part-time job, the long hours and tedious nature, I always wished biking could somehow pay the bills.

When you run your own bike-tour company, you're always on the move.

In pursuit of my dreams, I started my own bike-tour company around the city, which is a new thrill that I haven’t experienced. It didn’t feel like work at all, just riding with enthusiastic tourists and showing them sites in the city I love. The money? Well, it was okay at first, but as the business grew, so did the demands. Tourists wanted water and towels provided for them, which seemed reasonable, however, when the majority of customers wanted real-time communication with each other, I wasn’t sure what to do, or whether I could afford it. Then I discovered turned out to be the solution to Alicia's communications problem.

This service is great, free call-in numbers, unlimited calls, unlimited minutes, FreeConference ended having everything I need for real-time communications during a bike tour. Callers simply had to dial the call-in number, enter my access code, and we would all be on the same line. This was perfect, everyone has a phone, almost everyone had earphones as well, so we could all ride through the streets with me able to guide in presentation mode (muting all others) without having to stop. When we do reach the sites, I turn the service into Q&A mode so I can answer everyone’s questions.

bike bicycle locked beside busy street during the day

Using a free call-in number helped Alicia to quit her part-time job.

Within a week, I was able to accommodate the growth of my bike tour and even looking for new customers, calls allow up to 100 callers so I think I can tour with an entire marathon. And the best part is, I was financially able to quit my part-time job and bike full-time. Next time you come around, maybe I’ll give you a bike tour as well.

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