Although environmental stewardship and our modern industrial economy are often portrayed in the media as being in conflict, they share a common goal: the ecological strategy of efficiency.

Environmental Benefits of Conference Calls
Remember snow? The environmental benefits of conference calls can help us pass the experience of “winter” on to our grandchildren

Efficiency saves corporations on their expenses, which increases profit.

Efficiency reduces the amount of resources used per activity, which helps us “Walk lighter on the earth.”

The environmental benefits of conference calls are a prime example of how we can live interesting and engaged lives, but still hand over a better planet to our children.

Conference calls use less resources

From an ecological perspective, resources need to be measured both in “usage” and “infrastructure.” And make no mistake, although Web Conferencing is free to use and lives in the Cloud, it does use some resources, and requires infrastructure.

Free Web Conference calls help keep the roads clear
Free Web Conferencing is the most efficient form of communication because one little phone cable can carry more information and ideas than an arterial road full of cars.

The Cloud’s footprint includes heating the Columbia River to cool servers, and launching space satellites into geosynchronous orbits.

But moving information around uses several orders of magnitude less resources than moving people.

Here’s a great way to visualize the radical efficiency of conference calls:

A 5/8″ diameter phone cable carries 100 times more communication than a double lane arterial road.

For 5 people to attend a sit-down meeting in the same city, they need to travel by road. Roads take up 33% of the square footprint of a city. That’s a lot of expensive infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure takes less than 1%.

As for resource usage, those same 5 people can slip down a telephone wire to their Video Conference meeting without so much as starting up an internal combustion engine. They don’t even need to ride an elevator.

Phones are much smaller than cars, easier to make, and they park in your pocket.

One of the environmental benefits of conference calling is that a “traffic jam” on your phone is when your daughter texts you while you are in a meeting. You can text her right back, just like you can text your colleagues during a conference call using Free Screen Sharing.

Web meetings are the ecological alternative

When 9/11 happened, air traffic controllers had to ground the 6,000 airplanes that were in the sky over North America at the time. 6,000 planes overhead all day long is a lot of airports, lousy meals in throwaway plastic containers, holes in the ozone, and high-octane aviation fuel heating up the atmosphere.

We can easily and painlessly avoid wasting all those resources by choosing Free Web Meetings to move ideas, not people.

In fact, one of the advantages of conference call meetings is that it allows people to have more meetings and better communication for less money spent, and much less global warming caused.

Web conferencing saves global warming

Conference Calls are environmentally friendly
Conference calls are environmentally friendly because the information highway is the most efficient way of moving ideas.

We can reduce our impact on planetary systems without having to live in felt yurts on a Mongolian steppe, or take cold showers.

We don’t need to restrict our communication in any way. We can still do all the fun and interesting things our modern technology has unlocked.

We can “Have our cake and eat it too.”

We do need to share the cake equitably with everyone on the planet, and if we eat too much cake, we are due for a stomachache!

Moderate cake consumption is possible. In fact, it’s easy, and the easiest way to promote sustainability of both our economy and ecology is to be more efficient with our resources. Web conference solutions surfing the environmental benefits of conference call technology are a great place to start.