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Conferencing 101: How To Host a Standup Meeting

At your business, everyone is always busy. Some workers are occupied with projects, driving themselves to get it done if it’s the last thing they do. Others are constantly on the phone with customers, granted maybe a 5-second intermission between the non-stop phone calls. So it’s understandable that sometimes communicating with another co-worker is challenging. Are you delivering a message to everyone at an international company? Impossible. So what should you do?

What is a Standup Meeting?

Meet the Standup Meeting - a new practice propagating through company culture, especially in the software industry to encourage communication.

Here's how it works:

  1. At the same time every day, everyone stops what they’re doing.
  2. Coworkers at each office gather around a monitor.
  3. People take turns letting themselves describe what they are working on, what needs to be done, and if anyone else’s work is interfering.

Embracing this simple practice can encourage communication between coworkers - even at an international level - and increase productivity by clearing up any ongoing issues.

And it only takes 5 minutes to set it up.

Setup Instructions

  1. Login: login to your account on, and go to the ‘Conference’ page. Click on the calendar icon.
  2. Call Details: Enter the name of your standup meeting, then select the date they begin and the time they will start daily.
  3. Schedule: Now, press the button which says “Set to Repeat” to personalize your own standup schedule: Every weekday - select “Daily” and then check off “Every weekday.” Certain weekdays - just select “Weekly” and check off whichever days you’d like!
  4. Invitations: skip the time-consuming personal invitations! Just add the emails of your coworkers from different offices, and FreeConference will automatically send them an email including call details, and simple instructions on how to join.
  5. Dial-Ins: If you’re planning on making it a phone conference, add as many dial-ins for all your international offices here.
  6. Confirm: Just look over all the details, confirm, and you’re done!

schedular showing reoccuring meetings options free conference call FreeConference.comIt gets even better - you can additionally bookmark the online conference room, so collaborating with your employees - distributed across a city, country, even the globe - is no more complicated than clicking a button.

So go ahead, schedule your standup - make collaboration and communication a core aspect of each day, and stay ahead of new business trends with


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