4 Ways Your Non-Profit Can Use Screen Sharing

free screen sharing

How your non-profit can use free screen sharing to get everyone on the same page

Screen sharing, or desktop sharing, is a very useful collaboration tool for groups and organizations of all kinds. What at one time required individuals to physically convene in order to view can now be easily shared online between group members’ computer screens anywhere in the world. With so many different applications for screen sharing, it is not hard to see why it has quickly become a favorite tool for many nonprofit organizations. Here are a few of the ways that nonprofit organizations utilize web-based screen sharing to educate and collaborate.

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Questions Small Business Managers Ask When Closing Conference Call Service Providers

Communication is instrumental to success in any setting, especially in business. As technology grows, conference call services are no longer considered a luxury but a requirement. Companies frequently plan their day-to-day operations around their conference call service providers. So how do you choose among all communication solutions, what are the specifics small businesses are looking for? In this post we explore the questions in our experience with business managers looking to make conference calls.

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The Free Conference Call: Why Startups Won’t Work Without It

If you are an entrepreneur who hasn’t bought into free conference calls, you’re missing
out. Starting, operating and profiting a company is difficult, and with the latest trends in technologies and global development, it seems like the margin of error has become thinner, especially for entrepreneurs. The free conference call is an asset that can save your business time, effort and facilitate company communications. You don’t want to start your business without it, here’s why.

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Use Screen Share for 3 Hot Non-Profit Trends

The recent trends in technologies, communications and time management is affecting the non-profit sector on how they make decisions. Many non-profits are in need of change, as different jobs, demands and services are emerging within the industry that has traditionally never been important. A tool that can be used to for non-profits to adapt to these trends is Screen-Sharing, an affordable way to add a visual element to communications, a dynamic way to share digital files. With the development of the non-profit industry, screen-sharing can be the tool that guides them into the future, here are how we would use screen share for 3 non-profit trends.… Read more →

How to Write a Meeting Agenda: 5 Items You Should Always Include

The key to running an effective meeting is a well thought out agenda. When you prepare ahead of time by writing an agenda with detailed information about the meeting, you will not only save time for everyone involved, but the outcome is more likely to be a success. Here are 5 items you should always include when creating an effective meeting agenda.

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7 Technologies your Non-Profits need in 2018

From hiring, money troubles, and finding partners that share your vision, non-profits are hard to operate. You would think that the economy would incentivize organizations with good intentions. The good news is there is an ocean of non-profit tools that is available for non-profits. Here are 7 Technologies your Non-Profits need in 2018.

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