Save Time and Money with Video Meetings

Technology is often taken for granted. It is often forgotten just how helpful it can be in everyday life. People often think of all of the potential frustrations and inconveniences technology can cause without considering the benefits it can provide, since it has become a regular part of their lives. Even the most helpful technologies can be thought of resentfully, no matter how useful they are.Read more →

6 Tips to Improve Your Next Conference Call

It is true that physical, face-to-face board room meetings are in a decline with the rapid growth of telecommunication technology. With the workforce becoming increasingly remote, more people choosing to work at home, and the need for colleagues from different offices (and even from around the world) to collaborate, conference calls are turning into a common ritual.… Read more →

3 Conference Call Horror Stories

We’ve all been there: important conference calls where absolutely everything goes hilariously wrong. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and some things even seem to defy common sense in order to fail spectacularly! These calls can seem horrifying in the moment, but hopefully they can be looked back upon with a smile. No matter how badly your conference calls go, they probably aren’t as bad as a few of these.… Read more →

Conference Like a Rock Star: 6 Easy Steps to Excellent Conference Calls

Conference Like a Rock Star: 6 Easy Steps to Excellent Conference Calls

Rock StarIt’s hard to make it past the coffeehouse and shopping mall circuit if you’re a musician that lacks connection to the audience. After all, it’s the listeners that make you famous, and they need to be entertained.

It’s the same with the conference call game: you can’t succeed without hard-work and talent. Ok.. not exactly, but If you want to facilitate a conference call that will inspire, get decisions made, and build team spirit, you’re in the right place. Here are the keys to start conference calling like a rock star.… Read more →