Conference Calls and Multidisciplinary Design Teams

What will soon be North America’s tallest wood framed building is under construction at the University of British Columbia (UBC). One of the world’s new “wooden skyscrapers,” it demonstrates that
environmentally friendly wood can be used as the framework to build large structures just as economically and safely as less ecological concrete, glass and steel.

One of the key tools in both its conception and construction will have been the conference call.

The project brought together a dozen partners, and engaged a design team on several continents. An incredible amount of information needed not only to be shared, but worked on in a collaborative process.

As a new project under a very public microscope, the residence couldn’t afford mistakes.

The project is a perfect example of how conference calls can help keep a multidisciplinary team connected for a successful project.

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3 ways to prepare your business for a better New Year

We live in a culture obsessed by finding what’s new and exciting. That means, if you want your business and organization to prosper, you’ll not only have to deliver your product or service, but do it in a way that captures people’s imagination with the latest social media trends.

Champagne doesn’t just taste good; it has bubbles.

New Year’s is a great time to reflect on how you can prepare your business for a better year ahead.

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5 Reasons Consultants Use Conference Calls

If you are a consultant, closing new contracts is probably the hardest part of your job. Organizations are always afraid of change, even if they know they need it.

Of course, one of the biggest fears clients must face is their misunderstanding that organizational development is a cuttable “cost”, when it should be thought of as a vital investment. But it isn’t just the fees that scare customers away, it is the perception that the consulting process will incur organizational costs by chewing up too much precious staff time.

Smart consultants mention the use of conference calls in quotes because offering powerful, efficient and flexible communication technology as part of your package can help overcome those fears and close the deal.

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New Years Resolution #2: Trimming the Fat with Teleconferencing


Everyone can stand to lose a few pounds after the Holiday Feasting Season­– even businesses worry about their “figures” at Year End! Nothing is worse than a saggy “bottom line,” caused by too many unnecessary costs plumping up our expenses. New Year’s is a great time for any group to resolve to work smarter and earn more in the upcoming year, by trimming a little organizational fat.

One of the best ways to get better annual results is to increase the efficiency of our communication technology.

After all, our group’s success is built on our team, and our team needs to keep in touch and work together to excel. Luckily, communication technology is constantly evolving.

Even if you already use conference calls to increase your profit margin or effectiveness, you will be amazed at the new conference call Features Santa’s Elves have been cooking up this year, and how much money you can save with them.

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Driving Profit By Reducing Costs With Conference Calls

Marketing consultants at Optimize Smart wrote a recent article about reducing costs, urging their business clients to examine the efficiency of looking deeper than trying to pump sales, and consider reducing sales costs to increase profitability.

They suggest, “Calculate the ROI of everything you do.” Good idea! $100k saved is a $100k earned!

To use an example, let’s compare how doubling the number of Facebook ads you have compares to using conference calls to cut the costs and increase the frequency of sales meetings.

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The best ways for families to keep in touch

A friend of mine has five children from three different marriages who are all grown up and going to Universities or holding down jobs. Some live in Europe, some in Asia, and some live “closer to home,” in North America—if you can call Toronto “close” to his retirement cabin home on a small island off the coast of British Columbia.

Their last reunion cost $5,000 in plane fare. He certainly can’t afford to keep that up.

It is an extreme example of what many families face while trying to stay connected. The global village isn’t one you can ride a bicycle across. So what do these kind of families do to keep in touch?

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iotum Acquires FreeConferencePro to Join

iotum’s Fourth Acquisition in Two Years

New York, NY – September 30, 2015 – iotum, a leader in teleconference and group calling solutions, announced further expansion today with the acquisition of FreeConferencePro, a Connecticut-based provider of innovative and free audio conferencing services. With this latest acquisition, iotum continues to add voice-conferencing-services providers and customers to its robust group-calling platform.Read more → – Original Free Conference Call Service

New Raises the Standard in Free Conference Calling

laptop screenshareNEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/iotum, a leader in teleconference and group calling solutions, announced today the re-launch of its flagship product, with enhanced service offerings. The new provides customers an enriched conference call experience with HD audio, free video conferencing and screen sharing.… Read more →

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Say hello to the NEW

homeGUYS! Check it out! We did a whole bunch of work to bring this new website ( to life – we hope you like it!

Free International Dial-Ins

Conducting business in the UK, US or Australia? Looking to build your following in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands? offers free international calling in over 10 different countries. That means you can chat with colleagues in Germany before checking in with a corporate client in South Africa, all at no extra cost.

Free Screen Sharing

With our free screen sharing you can easily share your screen for quality presentations, every single time. Got the perfect PowerPoint to show your company’s growth and future plans? You can share presentations, videos, photos or websites with your participants, all with the click of a button. Whatever you choose to share will instantly appear inside your Meeting Room window, right inside your browser. No extra software or downloads – just direct, high quality, instant screen sharing for you and your viewers.

Free Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face and ditch the travel budget thanks to download-free video conferencing. Live video conferencing has never been easier, and for up to three participants it’s completely free. With no downloads or software to install, it’s an easy to use service that adds the power of face to face meetings to all your conference calls.

And Much More…

That was only a small preview of our many new features! For a full list of features, please click here.

Happy Conferencing!

The basics: what you need to know about WebRTC


WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) is gaining notoriety as the next generation of audio and video conferencing products hit the market – but many still people aren’t too clear on what it is and how it applies to them. Here at FreeConference, we’re building some really exciting new products using WebRTC and, while we can’t wait to share them with you, we thought this was the perfect time to give you some insight into what WebRTC is and how it works.

So, without further adieu –

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an HTML-5 based, open source project for browser-based real-time communications – which means that it enables communication directly between browsers without plug-ins, making file sharing and audio and video communication much, much simpler for users.

Many of the products using WebRTC so far, like FreeConference Connect, focus on audio and video conferencing – particularly for groups. The peer-to-peer nature of WebRTC makes for a much stronger, higher definition connection than traditional VoIP calls. Some innovators, though, are using WebRTC for file sharing – removing the need to upload the file to a server; instead, users download the file directly from the person on the other end, speeding up the process considerably.

What are the benefits of WebRTC?

No downloads — At the moment WebRTC is supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on all desktop operating systems and most Android devices, meaning you can make a call or send a file using any WebRTC-based service from your computer, laptop, android tablet or phone without downloading any additional programs. If you use a browser that hasn’t yet built-in WebRTC capabilities, like Safari or Internet Explorer, there are plug-ins available that enable WebRTC for you.

Cross-platform — Since WebRTC is HTML-5 based it can run in almost any browser, on almost any platform, without difficulty – as long as the teams behind your browser and OS are on board. Since WebRTC is still fairly new, not all browsers support it and it is not available on iOS – yet – but we would be willing to bet that it won’t be long before it is.

Better connection — The direct browser-to-browser connection is much stronger than traditional VoIP connections, which means HD quality audio and video conferencing, faster file transfers and fewer dropped calls.


How you can use WebRTC?

So this whole WebRTC thing sounds pretty neat, right? Even better, you can try it, for free, right now by visiting For the moment WebRTC is only supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera (on both desktop and Android), but there are plug-ins available for Safari and Internet Explorer. While we have no idea what goes on at Microsoft and Apple, we’re hopeful that we’ll see this technology available across all platforms soon.