New FC Feature: What is document sharing? How can it help me or my business?

Most users think of conference calls as an audio-only medium. Not any more! is bringing the visual component to conference calling, and it’s easier than ever to get up and running in no time. Your account provides you with a link you can use to start a conference whenever, wherever you want; send the same link to your call participants so that they can join online from anywhere in the world. Really, it’s that simple!

At, we strive to innovate constantly, ensuring our product is top quality. We want to make sure we offer our customers the best features when it comes to conference calling. Most recently we released our Document Sharing feature, not to be confused with the Screen Sharing feature released last year.

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Why Web Meetings are the Best Meetings

In 2002 Canadian songwriting legend Bruce Cockburn released a love song entitled “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere,” which was covered in a delightful bluesy growl by Colin Linden on “Raised by Wolves,” and with lovely choirboy purity by Jimmy Buffet on his album “License to Chill.”

If you want a potential sweetie to fall in love with you, there is no clearer, simpler way than to get yourself a guitar, learn the song, and sing it to them.

You can do this while standing outside their bedroom window on a harvest moon, curled up in front of a roaring fire at a ski lodge, or as the song says– anytime, or anywhere.

The title “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere” also makes about the simplest, clearest case for why Web Conferencing is the best way to hold any meeting, whether for romance, or to keep a family or staff team in touch.

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Slack Integration with Conference Calls

Old fashioned sit-down staff meetings are difficult to organize, expensive of staff time, and create debilitating information bottlenecks. Weekly sit-down meetings are like clogs in an organization’s arteries. Luckily, there is a healthy, low-calorie alternative. A new office communication tool called Slack enables people in organizations to effortlessly share information with multiple teams, and free Conference Call technology allows those teams to get together in a flash and use the information to make quick decisions. Slack integration with conference calls is the simplest way to get an organization feeling great, and performing better.

Keeping teams organized

Slack is organized into a little “chatroom” on your desktop, with all the people you communicate with organized into teams. One team might be just you and your supervisor, so you can have a private argument about whether you can take next Friday off because the Blue Jays made the play-offs. Your main team might be a department, such as sales.

Where Slack really shines is in the effortless assembly of project teams which include selected people in different departments, or those “homeless people” in organizations– the creatives.

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Why Web Conferencing is great for Homeschooling

The Web is full of home schooling methods but very few of the sites know about one of the best home school resources available, which is web conferencing. Web conferencing is just a conference call, with video and a shared desktop added.

Web conferencing is the free and easy way to create a virtual classroom.

Creating a virtual classroom is a great way to keep small groups of home schoolers from becoming isolated. Individual “schools” can join forces, even across the globe.

Web Conferencing is not meant to completely replace sit-down group schooling, but it can greatly enhance a homeschool.

Here’s how.

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Participatory Education and Conference Calls

What You Need To Know About Participatory Education and Conference Calls

Participatory EducationLet’s start with the basics. The reason why participatory education was created was to give the people a way to better their own lives through education. Participatory education is where students get as equal a say in the shaping of class curriculum and activities as teachers and faculty. This model enables all parties in class to define their own educational needs.

Students and teachers need to work together in the creation, implementation, and evaluations of goals of the academic session.

The case for Participatory Education

Based on this great article by Stephen Thornton-Taylor, participatory education is “much more than learning through words and trivia.” It integrates the students into their own education, helping them develop as they grow mentally. Students learn to use a holistic approach to learn complex theories and skills through activities tailored to their liking.

While there were still similar issues that exists in all classrooms, participatory education creates new opportunities in an education field that always welcomes improvement.

When Education Modernizes The Classroom

Empty ClassroomWith the advancement and accessibility of modern technology, education has also greatly modernized. The most notable change being the rise of online education, where students are not physically present in the classroom. Participatory education could be a key factor for this type of education as it should boost the lackluster participation. However, online education courses could already be niche, so students might not be too interested in contributing to the teacher’s role.

Teachers in the classrooms are using video conferencing and YouTube streaming to reach beyond the classroom walls. This lets the new generation connect with classroom material through a medium they know and enjoy. Screen-sharing is also being used as visuals for complicated subjects as a classroom must-have, enabling further collaboration between students and teachers as an extra teaching aide.

Integrating modern technology to the classroom could prove to be great for participatory education. Students would not only learn the material more effectively through the help of technology, but know how to use and implement the same technology on their own.

How can Digital Communication And Conference Calls help?

Phone in classNever have the cell phone and the Internet connection been so well married as when Free Web Conferencing was created. A web meeting is basically a conference call that takes advantage of the convenience and audio quality of the telephone call, and splices on the information transfer potential of Free Screen Sharing.

Information can be shared by all participants from the convenience of their own desktops. A Syrian refugee can dial a Toll Free Number and participate in an organizational meeting with sponsors in Canada with the free Mobile Conference Call App.

Web Meetings, in particular, are the ultimate in digital participatory education and democracy.
Video Conferencing brings people face to face, though they may be on separate continents, or in different time zones. Call Scheduling, even of Recurring Calls, is a snap through Google Calendar Sync.

Ready to Supercharge Your Education With

Convenient new Features are being designed almost every month to help people collaborate better around the globe. And best of all, conference calls and web meetings are free.

If you’re a teacher, or even just a student, try Creating a free account today and experience a superior way to handle education using free teleconferencing, download-free video, screen sharing, web conferencing and more.

Free Web Meetings: A Superior Species

In the Olden Days, people used to hate going to meetings because physical travel felt like lost time; it took two hours out of your day that you couldn’t get back.

Sometimes we didn’t even need to be there. Other people did all the talking, made the decisions, and we just sat there thinking about all the real work piling up back on our desk.

Free web meetings are a welcome evolution because they:

  • Guarantee to save us the time travelling to and from the meetings
  • Will likely allow us to multitask in the slow patches when we are not required

Web Meetings happen right at our desk, and we can get as involved as we need to without losing big chunks of time.

Scheduling web meetings is easier too—even if one participant or more are on the road, they can hook up by Mobile App from their smart phones or iPads.

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How to get paid to sit on a beach and write

In 2015, Lahaina Grill was voted “Best Maui Restaurant” for the 22nd consecutive year. You could get paid to sit in the grill, or on the beach out front, knocking out paragraphs for a living. It’s tough work, but somebody’s gotta do it.

One thing though: you’ll need to know how to run a virtual story conference. Luckily, Free Web Conferencing is easier than writing or editing.

And who knows, the job interview might even be held by conference call too! It’s kind of nice to have to spruce up for a job interview without dusting off your suit. Think you’re up for it?

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Let Web Conferencing Do The Heavy Lifting

By the time you graduate from university or college, you will have heard the lecture on “Time management” a thousand times. If you are like many students, you will have tuned it out and filed it in the back of your mind under “Later.”

Most students only tend to get excited about time management when they are dating.

There is one time management system, however, that is easy and fun, and you can use it to get better marks on group school projects.

It is called Free Web Conferencing.

Group school projects usually aren’t fun either, unless you like herding cats, or having your fur rubbed the wrong way by someone else who does—but web conferencing makes managing the time of a group of five students on a project really easy.

Easy Time Management

Two of the toughest things about group school projects are sorting out everyone’s schedule to find a time to meet, and getting the assignment done on time. Web Conferencing solves both.

Web meetings are just fancy conference calls that come with Video Conferencing and Free Screen Sharing. You can sign up in a few minutes online, and they are free. No downloads. It’s all in the Cloud.

Web Conferencing syncs with Google Calendar so you can use the Doodle App to find out when everyone can meet. Haven’t used Doodle? Check it out.

Then use the Call Scheduling feature to set up all your meetings at once, working back from your deadline. Plug in a meeting to review your progress 1/2 way, so you can find out who isn’t doing their share before it sinks you, another conference call to collect everybody’s work for editing and collation, and maybe a last web meeting for a final review.

Automatic Time Management

Web Conferening and handling time
Let web conferencing handle the time management on your next group school project.

Recurring Calls is a feature that makes setting up repeat meetings fast, and the automatic Invitations and Reminders will do the herding of cats for you without any fur flying, so you can still all be friends at the end of the project.

The automatic reminders that come with Web Meetings will help everyone meet their individual deadlines, so your group can meet your overall deadline.

That’s how you get better marks. It’s hard to get good marks when one person bombs out and 20% of the assignment is missing.

TIP: Always add a few days for panicking near the end, and set your deadline two days before the real deadline.

“That’s the way you do it”

Using free web meetings to get a group school project done is as easy as using your phone to wake you up in time to get to class.

Web conferencing lets you set up the entire time management system for a group school project in about five minutes. It saves you travelling all over town for sit-down meetings. It’s free, and it never forgets a deadline. The shared desktop is actually the best way of collaborating.

If you are like me, time management is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Time management is only fun when you are in love. Then showing up on time is easy. Making time is a pleasure. Completing assignments is a snap.

They say, “Love is the greatest teacher.” True. For all other time management, there’s web conferencing.

The Guide to Holding Effective Business Conference Calls

The Guide to Holding Effective Business Conference Call

Business conference calls are essential to keep everyone in your company connected and informed, but because are usually quick to forget the fact that conference calls need to be productive too.

Fun fact: did you know that no one is actually paying attention on your conference calls?
Now that you’ve made this groundbreaking discovery, how do you retain attention on your (surely) important business conference call? Well, our guide should be able to prevent your biggest childhood fear/adult reality: no one is listening to you.

Know thy enemy (in this case, equipment)

If you’re using new software for your conference call, make sure you know how to use it! Try to set up a practice call where you can learn the features, including how to mute your microphone and any (or all) callers. Let’s face it; we’ve all been a part of that meeting where the leader has NO idea what he or she is doing and ends up looking foolish for it. You don’t want that to be you!

GOALLLL… of the conference call

Conference goalsIt’s important that everyone participating understands why they’re there and what is expected of them. Just remember to keep your objectives realistic. A single hour-long conference call isn’t going to result in a full marketing strategy, but it’s a great place to brainstorm ideas, decide on a process and assign responsibilities. Plan how long the call will be, what topics will be covered, who will speak, and what information will be required.

Business Conference Calls Are All Location, Location, Location

Sad conference callNext, pick the right space to take your conference call. Closing the door of your office should be sufficient if you’re taking it solo, or you can relocate to a conference room if taking the call with others. If you’re running the call in an open office, the call can be a bit more difficult, but still manageable. Ensure a seamless call by heading to the space early to test speakers and any other necessary electronics like projectors.

Visual Aids & Conference Call Collaboration

If you’re using an accompanying presentation with your call, it’s a good idea to send it out beforehand so everyone can jump onto the call prepared. Be wary of longer presentations as they are well known attention-killers. Screen sharing via a web conferencing service is also a great way to keep everyone on the same page in real time, eliminating the possibility of anyone not being able to follow along.

And In Conclusion…

Meeting endAs your call draws to an end, do a brief recap of what was discussed and any solutions arrived at during the meeting. Allow extra time for any additional questions and ensure that everyone feels included as they leave the call. If there are “next steps,” check to be sure to follow up with each person’s responsibilities and give your participants your contact information should issues arise. Some people may have questions for everyone’s ears and others may warrant a separate call; learn to spot the difference to avoid keeping people on a call no longer relevant to them. the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.
Create a free account today and experience free teleconferencing, download-free video, screen sharing, web conferencing and more.

Why Teleconference is better than “Telepresence”

What is a “Telepresence”?

The word “telepresence” conjures up images of the movie Avatar. It is supposed to imply that you actually have a “presence” in the room. Telepresence is a glossy marketing term that really means: “unnecessarily expensive teleconference”. A standard video conference call will give you exactly the same “presence” in a room.

For free!

A picture really is worth 1,000 words. This picture of a “Telepresence” group tells you everything you need to know about why teleconferencing is better than “telepresence.”

Unless you’re looking for a way to throw money off the back of a train, that is.

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