Technology Supports Social Distancing in the age of Covid-19

We’re in this together!

In our lifetime we have never seen anything like this. There have been massive natural disasters, the trauma of 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. They pale in comparison to what is unfolding before our eyes today.

In my reporting days, I recall vividly working all hours after the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre. During the great ice storm, a cameraman and I did a white-knuckle drive through crazy conditions on the 401 all the way to Montreal, where everything was closed, hydro towers were bent in half, with no sign of when the electricity would come back on. In 2008, I stood, astonished at the news conference where Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty announced a massive bailout of the auto industry, saving the sector that was once the backbone of the Ontario economy from collapse.… Read more →