Using your FreeConference Dial-in Numbers Any Time

Puffin at ComputerNo matter what line of business you’re in, snags happen. Miscommunications, hiccups in protocol, or a sudden change in direction require emergency meetings. If you have the luxury of having your entire team under one roof, calling an impromptu meeting is as easy as circulating an office memo. But in today’s technology-fueled business world, most companies are spread across the globe. Luckily, FreeConference has addressed this issue and made rallying remote troops as easy as herding everyone into a conference room.

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Conference Call Scheduling

time is moneyIn today’s technology-driven culture, time is at a premium. People are reachable at every moment of every day and that’s enough to max out anyone’s schedule. When you’re short on time, sticking to a plan is your only saving grace. That’s why FreeConference is pleased to offer its ultra-useful Conference Call Scheduling feature.

FreeConference’s Conference Call Scheduling feature gives you the ability to schedule calls in advance, so you can clear a time that works for everyone on the team. Once you’ve settled on and booked a time, FreeConference sends out automated invitations to everyone you want included on the call. As the call time approaches, FreeConference sends out a round of reminders to you and your participants, so no one will miss a beat.

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FreeConference How-to: Call Recording

Taking notes during a conference is helpful, but when you really need to know exactly what was discussed and agreed to, nothing beats a recording. Free Conference Beta can send you an MP3 recording of any meeting. It’s easy to set up and during the Beta test it’s free. Try the call recording feature today!… Read more →