How To Schedule a Meeting


With FreeConference, there are two ways of conference scheduling, either by making a ‘reservationless‘ call or a ‘web-scheduled’ call. Find out what the difference is, and see how each one works for you.

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How To Use Moderator Controls


Hosting a video conference? Use the Moderator Control from to manage your participants and your meeting. Take the lead with the Moderator Control to ensure your meeting is productive and on-track!

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How to Host a Reservationless Conference

Making a reservationless call with is easy! Your dedicated dial-in number & personal conference room can be used for both scheduled and reservationless calls – so it’s as easy as sending around your URL, dial-in number and access code.

You can do this in 4 Easy Steps

1: Decide on the call date and time.
2: Log into your account and retrieve your Dial-in Number and Access Code that have been assigned to you, or use the Dial-in Number and Access code that were emailed to you when you signed up.
3: Inform your Participants of the conference date and time, dial-in telephone number and Participant Access Code.
4: Have all of your Participants call the dial-in number at the scheduled time, and follow the directions on “How to Join a Reservationless Call”.

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The Benefits of Knowing Who’s Speaking

Puffin active speaker


There is no bigger faux pas in the business world than calling someone by the wrong name. This is particularly offensive when the mislabeled party happens to be a longstanding employee or important stakeholder. Now, it’s one thing to avoid doing it when your face to face with the person, but when you’re on a conference call with numerous people, it can be downright impossible. Virtual brainstorming sessions, disputes over a project’s direction, and intense Q&As can be cause for pandemonium. Did Julie volunteer that solution or was that Emily speaking? Did Bob ask that question or was that Bill? It’s so difficult to tell!

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Recurring Calls Feature

free conference calls on mobileWhen an organization hits its stride it’s vital to maintain its momentum. Touching base with your team at regular intervals, creates an environment of support that allows employees to flourish. This consistent interaction is even more important when you’re working with a remote team. You don’t have daily water cooler chitchats or birthday cakes in the lounge to bond over. In order to create an inclusive working culture, you have to ensure everyone on the team maintains regular contact with one another.

Thankfully, FreeConference has made it easier than ever to keep your remote team connected and bonding. FreeConference’s Recurring Calls feature provides you with the ability to schedule recurring calls in bulk. Setting up a recurring call is easy; once you’ve signed into your FreeConference account, simply click the “call later” button. From there you will be guided through a series of steps that will allow you to select a date and time for the call, as well as the frequency of recurrence. As always, you will also be given the option to name the call, set an agenda, and select the participants you would like to include.

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Introducing: FreeConference’s add caller feature

Puffin-surprisedWith so many tasks to juggle, a few things are bound to slip your mind. Forgot to pick up toothpaste? No problem! You can coax that last little bit out of the tube. Meant to empty the dishwasher before work? No worries! Those dishes will be waiting for you when you get home tonight. Forgetting a few things on your “To Do list” may not be the end of the world, but forgetting to let someone important in on your FreeConference call can feel a lot like it.

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Using your FreeConference Dial-in Numbers Any Time

Puffin at ComputerNo matter what line of business you’re in, snags happen. Miscommunications, hiccups in protocol, or a sudden change in direction require emergency meetings. If you have the luxury of having your entire team under one roof, calling an impromptu meeting is as easy as circulating an office memo. But in today’s technology-fueled business world, most companies are spread across the globe. Luckily, FreeConference has addressed this issue and made rallying remote troops as easy as herding everyone into a conference room.

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Conference Call Scheduling

time is moneyIn today’s technology-driven culture, time is at a premium. People are reachable at every moment of every day and that’s enough to max out anyone’s schedule. When you’re short on time, sticking to a plan is your only saving grace. That’s why FreeConference is pleased to offer its ultra-useful Conference Call Scheduling feature.

FreeConference’s Conference Call Scheduling feature gives you the ability to schedule calls in advance, so you can clear a time that works for everyone on the team. Once you’ve settled on and booked a time, FreeConference sends out automated invitations to everyone you want included on the call. As the call time approaches, FreeConference sends out a round of reminders to you and your participants, so no one will miss a beat.

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