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Business Operations at Multiple Locations Explains Global Upward Trend of Video Conferencing

Multi-Office Businesses, Globalization, & Video Conferencing: Matching the Need with the Technology

Business meetings & the limitations of traditional conference calling

Not all that long ago, the only opportunity workers in one office had to meet their counterparts working in another location was an old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. As you might imagine, this meant that coworkers in different locations rarely met with each other (face-to-face, at least). When businesses did hold company-wide or multi-office conferences, their options were basically limited to telephone conferencing or...telephone conferencing. While telephone conference calling is an easy-to-use and valuable meeting tool in its own right, it’s not without its own limitations—as an audio-only medium, telephone conferencing doesn’t provide participants with as many contextual cues, leaving callers guessing, many times, as to what is going on on the other end. While telephone conferencing is great for conversations, it also doesn’t allow for the sharing of visual elements necessary for presentations.

Enter the age of online video conferencing.

Web-based video conferencing: taking virtual meetings into the 21st century

While the earliest versions of video conferencing technology were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, it wasn’t until the emergence of web-based video conferencing platforms in the early 2000s that the technology really gained widespread usage on a personal and professional level. With built-in or installable webcams and the ability to stream audio and video feeds over the internet, web-based video conferencing from computers (and, later, mobile devices) became the new norm for holding inter-office meetings and conference calls. Suddenly, it was no longer difficult or expensive for workers, clients, and partners in different locations to meet face to face.

Video conferencing for small businesses and multinational corporations

Today, businesses of all sizes utilize video conferencing as an easy and cost-effective means for collaboration and communication between partners and employees around the world. From small businesses employing remote contractors to corporations with offices around the world, video conferencing allows for real-time virtual meetings without the expenses of travel or long-distance telephone calling fees.

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