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The Top 6 Benefits of Free Conference Calling

Nobody likes to spend time and money travelling for meetings anymore. Keep to your busy schedule and save money by using a free conferencing call solutions to communicate with your colleagues quickly and effectively.

  1. Free Conference calls let everyone speak directly to each other with clarity.

Emails composed of text often fail to convey the nuance of a situation and entirely lose the speaker’s desired tone of voice. There is a risk that the email won't reach email recipients' inboxes, so you need to use the SPF record checker and take other email security steps.

Free Conference calls often follow developments that require a quick response, although a burst email titled “URGENT” carries a degree of anger at a glance. Leaders can convey exactly what they require from every individual and set the mood for the rest of the company.

  1. Free Conference calls introduce all of the players involved.

This goes a long way toward establishing lateral communication and cooperative efforts between separate departments or divisions in a company that would otherwise operate alone.

Everybody knows the responsibilities expected of themselves and others. Unwillingness to work with others can be nipped in the bud at the outset and clear action plans can be established. Nobody needs to play a game of telephone with a dozen other people to get basic things done.

  1. Never follow chain emails again.

Chain emails take more time to figure out than participating in a free conference call, and they are just plain annoying. You’ve barely had enough time to catch up before a new reply has changed the game, or people respond on their own time without getting to the heart of the matter. Free Conference calls put everyone on the same page at the same time.

  1. Free Conference calls offer speed and convenience.

You don’t need to wait in a boardroom for half an hour to wait for one or two latecomers, and you can still do other work while you wait if you really need to wait on a conference call.

You can work on your projects from the comfort of your desk or even your home until everyone is ready to go. Conference calls also let people participate on very short notice, striking the right balance between speed and formality.

Similarly, people can dial into a conference call from anywhere while doing just about anything. You can participate from home, work, the gym, while out on a walk, or even while driving if you have a headset for your car. Conference calls don’t require you to be in a specific place at a specific time. Everyone has a cell phone, tablet, computer, or even a good old-fashioned telephone in the vicinity at all times.

  1. Free Conference calls eliminate the physical distance between voices.

Eliminating travel fare counts as an obvious advantage, yes, but all participants can be heard in a conference call. Nobody in particular has been relegated to the far end of the meeting room and nobody needs to raise their voices just to be heard. Conference calls place everyone at an equal distance from the head of the table.

  1. Free Conference calls don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Emails can be ignored, but calls cannot. Conference calls require the participant’s vocal and aural presence. Leaders and employees at every level can be held accountable, and everyone can be forced to acknowledge the issue at hand. The responsibility to deliver results to a business leader and colleagues adds a level of peer pressure that puts tardy people in line with the rest of the group.

There you have it; conference call solutions solve multiple problems in one stroke. Calls Don’t get lost in the shuffle, they give a voice to everyone, they’re convenient, and they eliminate confusion. Save time and money with free conference calling for your next meeting and get back to your busy day with time to spare.


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