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How Artists Use Video Conferencing Services

How can artists use video conferencing services for their work? Turns out there are quite a number of ways for artists to use these services. Real-time collaborative projects, performance art, and networking are just a few ways can help artists realize their work.

The world of art is changing, and with it changes the very concept of art. Far from simply making aesthetically pleasing paintings and sculptures like before, the contemporary art world uses so many mixed media and extended techniques that it is difficult to distinguish what exactly “makes” art these days. How is art defined? By artists? Audiences? Critics? These questions have no easy answers. Effective communication is essential for artists collaborating on projects.

Real-time Audio-Visual Collaboration

As our definitions of art consistently shift, the notion of “performance” is often called into question. The work of performance artist Marina Abramovic has come under praise, criticism, and confusion by people inside and outside of the art world. Her 2010 work The Artist Is Present brought performance art to a mainstream audience through praises from the likes of Lady Gaga, James Franco, and Jay Z, among others. The extended performance work featured Abramovic seated at a table in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art for over 700 hours across a span of months, engaging in silent eye contact with everyone who lined up to be a part of the experience.

Excruciating? Yes. Pretentious? Maybe, depending on who you ask. Significant to both the art world and the mainstream? Absolutely.

So, how might video conferencing services help other performance artists realize their work? With real-time, crystal clear video calling, it could be interesting to stage a collaborative work with other artists anywhere in the world, making a performance work that acts as a reflection on place, time, and geography. With much contemporary art, the context is as important, if not more so, than the material of the work itself, and the Internet offers a sort of immaterial “canvas” for these works to come to fruition. Though the function of the art gallery has changed over time, art is still valuable in all its forms.

Screen sharing and Document Exchange

The most important part of any artistic collaboration, regardless of the medium used, is being able to effortlessly share information and material with everybody involved. When working with the Internet as medium, it’s never been easier to share templates, .pdf files, image files, and other materials necessary to making a great collaborative work. The Internet offers an incredibly wide palette of material to use as inspiration and as actual material to use for the work itself, so it is important to be able to share this freely and effortlessly.’s intuitive screen sharing feature allows parties involved in a conference call to effortlessly share images, texts, and presentations without the hassle of sending and downloading documents.

Planning Installations and Curating Events

With video conferencing services, you can plan out gallery openings, curations, and retrospectives with museum and gallery programmers. Gone is the need to travel across the country or across the world to plan out a gallery launch or opening reception—now, with, you can do it from the comfort of your home, studio, or office.

This is perfect for artists who may not have the venture funding, government grant money, or personal funds to travel for meetings and installations. What they say about art is true—while it is a valuable thing, many artists do not make great money, so it is important to be frugal.

There's a world of possibilities for artists to use's video conferencing services. From using the service to perform a cross-platform performance piece, to reaching out to galleries and curators, is a useful tool for artists of all media. Try it out today—no subscriptions, hassles, or downloads, just crystal-clear video calling.

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