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7 Technologies your Non-Profits need in 2018

From hiring, money troubles, and finding partners that share your vision, non-profits are hard to operate. You would think that the economy would incentivize organizations with good intentions. The good news is there is an ocean of non-profit tools that is available for non-profits. Here are 7 Technologies your Non-Profits need in 2018.

Video Conferencing

1. PocketGuard

If you ask a non-profit manager what their top concern is, it would most likely be money. Budgeting is important, keeping track of priorities and staying away from debt is crucial for non-profits. PocketGuard is a budgeting web app that you can use on the phone, it connects directly to your bank account for real time balance. It also analyzes your past spending patterns to identify a good plan for cash-flow.


The key purpose for a non-profit is to spread the message to the public. Non-Profits need to be particularly adept in social media for that reason. IFTTT is an app that can automate social media posts across all platforms. It even generates suggested recipes after a post or a tweet is generated, giving the nonprofit a social media edge and saving valuable effort.

3. Canva

A professional, attractive graphic needs to accompany your social media posts for donors to gravitate towards it. A user-friendly graphic design tool has a drag-and-drop feature that non tech-savvy content creators can choose from, a wide variety of graphic sets in a professional layout is a great recipe for graphic design.

4. Autopilot

Marketing automation fits well for small businesses and non-profits, it can manage your reach-out and reduce cost and time. Autopilot is a self-service platform that offers email, in-app messages and SMS contact. The app examines the data from the non-profit’s website and segments customers for different communications. It then monitors the performance of the marketing contact and delivers insights for adjustments.

5. Clausehound

Even non-profits have to protect their own assets, and deal with legal issues like how to use phrases that can turn gift pledges into enforceable contracts. Clausehound is a free and practical legal tool for drafting and reviewing contract clauses. Effortlessly draft, download and review legal contracts with access to their library of past cases and tutorials for assistance.

6. SmarterTrack

It is just as important to maintain customer relations than reaching out to new customers. Customer service can be important to non-profits. SmarterTrack manages CS with a ticket and live chat system. It can also manage employee and customer communications on multiple channels.


Communication is key, and is an ideal communication channel for Non-profits. Like the name suggests is simple, effective and free. Host Free Conference Calls with up to 400 people with dedicated dial-in. Host free video conferences with up to 5 web participants with screen and document sharing.

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