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6 Ways Video Conferencing Can Benefit Your Small Business

Video Conferencing is real-time communication where users can hear and see each other through their cameras and microphones. In today’s work climate video conferencing is no longer a luxury and is being used in most companies for communication. Small businesses can benefit from video conferencing the most—since it can help with productivity and profit.

Video Conferencing Different Video Conferences

So how is video conferencing better than audio conferencing?

Humans are mostly visual beings, we learn and communicate more effectively when we can see. The video aspect is a drastic improvement from audio conferencing when utilized correctly. Show your co-workers the case you’re working on, ideas on a whiteboard, a new employee, or anything that needs visual indication.

Communication with the team

Employees working remote is trending up, and one of the biggest challenges with remote teammates is lack of communication. With video conferencing you can keep up with the projects of your co-workers and not miss any updates with the company product. With the prevalence of cell phones, most video conferencing services can integrate on the mobile device for easy product onboarding.

Reduced travel costs

The principal benefit of video conferencing is that it replaces face-to-face conferencing. It would be costly and timely to fly around for company meetings, especially for small businesses. With video conferencing, meetings can be scheduled and held immediately, so that employees don’t miss out on opportunities and communications don’t slow down through travel.

Expand business opportunities

Small companies can leverage their video conferencing service in more ways than in-house conversations. Expand business contacts with the reduced travel time and communicate with your clients and customers instantly through video conferencing. Expand the parameters for hire with the reduced time from face-to-face recruiting, hiring through video calls is also trending up.

Specific Applications

Different industries use video conferencing differently. Sales can use it for training and customer interactions, while marketing can use it for creative visual content. Manufacturing could save time traveling from sites for repairs and problem-solving. Human Resources can efficiently interview more job candidates with video conferencing. Even legal firms can squeeze-in more billable hours with reduced traveling.

Human Interaction

Another big challenge of having a remote team is lack of human interactions. Not only is it good just to put faces to names, but human interaction can help foster a good company culture. For this reason, video conferencing is a good tool for ‘humanizing’ remote communication with clients and between employees.

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