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10 Creative Places to Hold Your Next Conference Call

For today’s home-working warriors and digital nomads, they are no longer bound by the four walls of the office and can work almost seamlessly thanks to the help of technology. Sometimes though when you are working at home, your home office can seem a little dull, which leads you to consider going to the OUTSIDE world for a little refreshment. Digital nomads who are constantly on the go might need to find a place at where they are at for your next conference call. For this dilemma, FreeConference had put together a list of awesome and cool places where you can hold your conference call with your colleagues or clients:

Public Libraries

The last time that you went to your local libraries might have been during your awkward teenage years for borrowing manga or a dreamy teen romance novel, you may have overlooked that it might provide the room and facilities (i.e. free wifi and outlet) for quality conference calls. While some libraries are boring to look at, some of your city’s libraries might be an architectural marvel such as the Kansas City Library.

University and College

Hit any university or college campus and you can take your conference calls at libraries, empty classroom, lobbies, quads and meeting rooms. Some of them are free to use and also provides outlets and free wifi. What is not to love when you are staring at the beautiful details of some of the world’s oldest campus, such as Old Vic at the University of Toronto. The Romanesque structural style will make you think that you are at Hogwarts!

Shared/Co-Working Spaces

Startup culture means the birth of many shared and co-op space. They are built for today’s individuals who are looking for a creative space to work and think. For example, MaRS in Toronto offers rooms from small conferences to brainstorming sessions to meetings. Furnished with modern details, the place also offers A&V equipment if you need to impress an important client.

Indie Coffee Shops

This might be a cliche, but why not hit some indie coffee joint (*cough* not Starbucks) for a cup of joe while you are on your conference call? Many coffee places offer this cozy atmosphere that is particularly hard to find anywhere else. The Rooster Coffee shop in Broadview might be a place that you want to take a look at, and the added bonus is their amazing view of the Toronto skyline.

Museums and Art Galleries

While this might be a bit unorthodox, many museums and art galleries offer collaborative and meeting space. Why not walk around and be inspired during your call looking at AGO’s historical or avant-garde collection.

 Bars with Open Patio

Why not chill down with your favorite cocktail and sink into the cityscape while on call. The Press Lounge in Manhattan, NYC offers some of the city's most breathtaking views.

City Parks

Remember how amazing it was in school when your class was outside. And did you also remember that you can hold your conference call anywhere? Make that ‘anywhere’ a city park, like the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Let the white noise of the waterfall behind you drown out the sound of your boss discussing your company’s quarterly budget.

On a Boat

Who is not going to be inspired being surrounded by water while  part of a meeting? If you are in London, you can get a day pass and sail up and down the Thames as you are conferencing on your phone and no one will even think you are working ;).

Botanical Gardens

Spending time to commune with nature proves to boost your creativity. Settle in the garden, do your meeting call and get some work done. The added benefit is that you might even get some exercise for the day. If it is the dead of winter, the indoor garden can give you a breath of spring.


There is a reason why there are fish tank installed in offices. Looking at how fishy swim can be mind-calming. Try to aim for late afternoon to avoid children coming in on field trips. The quiet environment might give you an extra boost during your next free conference call.

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