Our Conference Call Services

cost and feature comparison

 Web-Scheduled Premium 800
& Reservationless
Web-Scheduled StandardReservationless Standard
Conference featureLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
Cost per conference Participant$0.10/min.FREEFREE
Conference RecordingFREE$9/Month3$9/Month
Desktop SharingFREE1$16.95/Month4 
YourConference Personalized Greetings$2.99/Month or $8.99/6 Months$2.99/Month or $8.99/6 Months$2.99/Month or $8.99/6 Months
Maximum conference size150150150
Event-Sized Conferences (150+ participants)Available upon requestAvailable upon requestAvailable upon request
Maximum conference duration5 hours4 hours3 hours
Crystal clear all-digital connections   
Secure and private   
24-hour automated access to system   
Toll-free Dial-in Number   
Dedicated premium bridge   
Schedule & manage conferences online   1  
Automated e-mail invitations / RSVP's   1  
Real-time conference management controls   
Post Conference Report   
Toll-free customer support   
Rapid response online support   
On demand conferencing   2  
1 Web-Scheduled Premium 800 Conferences Only
2 Reservationless Premium 800 Conferences Only
3 Pay as you go available for $6.50
4 Pay as you go available for $7.50