How to Organize a Reservationless Conference
Remember that you do not need to provide us with any information regarding your conference, including the date and time, estimated number of Participants, Reservationless Dial-in Number, Participant Access Code, etc.  Everyone who calls the same Dial-in Number and enters the same Participant Access Code will be bridged together.
Decide on the call date and time.
Log In to your account and retrieve your Dial-in Number and Access Code that have been assigned to you, or use the Dial-in Number and Access code that were emailed to you when you signed up. Your Dial-in Number is the number you dial to get connected to your conference bridge. The Access Code enables conference call participants to gain entry into your private conference call.

Decide on a Participant Access Code, which enables conference call participants to gain entry into your private conference call.  Your Participant Access code must contain between 5 and 10 numeric digits.

The Participant Access Code that you create should be something that no one would be likely to guess.  For example, 123456, 4444444 and 12121212 are predictable number combinations, so they should NOT be used.  Using today's date as a Participant Access Code is also not recommended.

If your Participant Access Code could be easily guessed or duplicated, your conference may collide with someone else's conference resulting in uninvited people on your call.  For security and privacy reasons, be creative with the combination of numbers you choose for your Participant Access Code!

Inform your Participants of the conference date and time, dial-in telephone number and Participant Access Code.
Have all of your Participants call the dial-in number at the scheduled time, and follow the directions below on "How to Join a Reservationless Call."