Automated Unlimited Conference Recording, Playback, and Transcription for Web Scheduled Calls

This all-digital, on-demand conference recording feature is offered to users on an UNLIMITED basis with 30 days of FREE storage for your recordings. Some conferencing companies charge you hefty fees for these services, and others limit you to only one recording at a time with no storage options.  At FreeConference, you receive fully functional recording and storage capabilities, including both telephone playback and easy to download, play, manage, and store MP3 files.  This feature is FREE with all Premium 800 calls and only $9 per month as a FreeConference Select service with all Web-Scheduled Standard calls. (learn more)

When scheduling your conference, just select the checkbox to indicate your desire to record your session. Your recordings are automatically converted to MP3 files which are playable on any computer or MP3 digital audio player.   Within two hours of the conference's scheduled end time, you'll receive an e-mail containing instructions and a link to the Computer Download along  with a telephone number  and Access Code for Telephone Playback of your recording.  At that point, your conference call recording is available for immediate sharing and Telephone Playback for up to 150 callers at the same time.  Any time within the 30 days following your call, you can also simply download the MP3 files and playback at your leisure.   Once you have downloaded your recording, it is yours to use, edit, or share without any limitations.

We also provide longer term storage and playback for all your recordings for only $4.95 per month. This service securely stores all your recordings for one year and makes them available for download or playback from the phone. Just like our recording service there are no limits on the number of recordings. Sign up and have the peace of mind that your recording will always be ready and available.

Additionally, we  offer Conference Transcription for recorded Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conferences.  If you select Conference Transcription while scheduling your conference, we send your name, e-mail address, and phone number to a qualified third-party transcription service upon completion of the conference.  You will be contacted by the transcription service to discuss transcription options and related fees.

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